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Education & Outreach

Seminars and Meetings


CMAP Seminar Series

CMAP offers a monthly, interactive seminar series featuring prominent scientists presenting on cutting-edge CMAP topics. The speaker sends two publications for attendees to review in advance to facilitate a robust discussion.

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The CMAP team meets on a weekly basis to discuss research, progress, challenges, experiments, seed funding projects and in-reach. CMAP plans an annual in-person meeting for the entire team as well, with special sessions designed around the major research areas, education and outreach, and evaluation.

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Past Seminars

Past Weekly Meetings

12/15/23 Adam Burrows Structural and Evolutionary Modeling of Exoplanets
10/27/23 Maosheng Miao Hidden Chemistry Revealed by a Simple Concept
10/20/23 Jonathan Lunine CMAP Seminar Series: The problem with Jupiter
10/13/23 David Bishel Atomic physics at atomic pressures
10/6/23 Michelle Marshall High-pressure phase transformations in SiO2
9/29/23 Christopher McGuire Structure and transport property measurements of shocked planetary core materials at ultrabright light sources
9/22/23 Zifan Lin Resolving the Compositional Degeneracy of Intermediate-sized Planets
9/8/23 Part 2 Arnold Schwemmlein Ramp compression of solid para-hydrogen into the conducting regime
9/8/23 Part 1 Second Avenue Learning Update on sci-interactive game development
8/4/23 Ryan Rygg Electrostatic wave braking of acoustic waves in warm dense matter
7/14/23 Suxing Hu X-ray Spectroscopy of Super-dense Matter
7/7/23 Sarah Stewart Teasing out the secrets of SiO2: Deep dive into the phase diagram and shock data
6/30/23 Greg Tabak The Insulator to Conductor Transition in Methane and Neon
6/23/23 Victor Lherm Thermal and magnetic evolution of Earth and Super-Earths
6/9/23 Eva Zurek High Pressure Chemistry of Helium and Sodium
6/2/23 Nesli Erez Generation of Strong Fields to Study the Phase Transitions of Magnetized Warm Dense Matter
5/5/23 Ian Ocampo In situ x-ray diffraction of iron oxides dynamically loaded to multi-megabar pressures
4/28/23 Hussein Aluie Role of Dynamical Invariants and Degrees of Freedom in Transport
4/14/23 Burkhard Militzer How Saturn Became the Lord of the Rings
4/7/23 JJ Dong, Harvard University Nonlinearity of the Post-spinel Transition and Its Expression in Slabs and Plumes Worldwide
3/24/23 Neel Kabadi, Nesli Erez, Matt Signor, Hadley Pantell, Nitish Acharya, Tom Duffy, Miki Nakajima CMAP FY24 Experiment Proposal Presentations
3/17/23 Jon Eggert The potential for HED material experiments using XFELs and rep-rate lasers
3/10/23 Xuchen Gong X-ray diffraction of ramp-compressed silicon to 400 Gpa
3/3/23 Raymond Jeanloz Fundamental Research in High Energy Density Science: Summary of a New Report from the National Academies
2/17/23 Jisheng Zhang Thermal evolution and magnetic history of low-mass exoplanets
2/10/23 Alex Chin X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy of Fe2O3
2/3/23 Jie Deng MgO exsolution: the messenger from the core
1/27/23 Maggie Huff Measurements of sound speed and Gruneisen parameter in shocked iron and temperature measurements in shocked bridgmanite (MgSiO3)
1/20/23 Sarah Stewart Open Science Opportunities and Challenges for the High-Pressure Community
1/13/23 Ian Ocampo Extreme lowering of phase transition pressures in dynamically compressed TiO2
1/6/23 Ranga Dias Towards ambient superconductivity
12/16/22 Terry-Ann Suer X-ray diffraction of aluminum oxide during ramp compression
12/9/22 Christian Storm Creating Quasi-Hydrostatic Conditions at Multi-Megabar Pressures, and the Search for Core-Level Crossings in Extremely Stiff Metals
12/2/22 Dave Stevenson CMAP Seminar Series: “What Jupiter may be telling us about High Pressure Hydrogen”
11/11/22 Andrea Kritcher CMAP Seminar Series: “Achieving extreme conditions in convergent geometry at the NIF”
11/4/22 Ryan Rygg Plasma oscillations in warm dense hydrogen
10/28/22 Adam Frank and Second Avenue Learning, a Rochester-based, certified women-owned interactive media company CMAP Sci Interactive Video Game Development Presentation and Feedback
10/14/22 Peter Celliers Evidence for isotope differences on the liquid-liquid insulator-metal transition in dense fluid hydrogen
10/7/22 Stefano Racciopi Core-electrons and chemical bonding in high-pressure chemistry
9/30/22 Victor Lherm Planetary impacts, metal-silicate equilibration and dynamo in magma oceans
9/23/22 Cara Vennari Imaging defects in dynamically compressed diamonds
9/2/22 Shuai Zhang Isentropes and Equations of State of Solid Hydrogen—Perspectives from Theory and Calculations
8/26/22 Chelsea BaileyShea Mentorship and Evaluation
8/19/22 Eric Blackman Discussion on multi-phase multi-scale mixing
8/12/22 Jessica Shang Viscosity measurements in plastic and fused silica
7/29/22 Yuan Ping EXAFS for probing material thermal states on NIF
7/8/22 J. J. Ruby Atomic Energy Levels and Partition Functions for an Empirical Equation of State
7/1/22 Suxing Hu DFT-based Understanding of X-ray Spectroscopy at Gbar Pressure
6/17/22 Hannah Hasson and Imani West-Abdallah CMAP Summer Education Outreach
6/3/22 Hussein Aluie Effective transport due to unresolved scales
5/20/22 Gianluca Gregori CMAP Seminar Series: MHD turbulence and thermal conduction in astrophysical plasma
5/6/22 All 2022 CMAP Annual Meeting
4/22/22 Maggie Huff and Terry-Ann Suer Measurements of Sound Speed in Iron Shock-Compressed to ~3000 Gpa
4/8/22 Eva Zurek Chemistry of He and Na Under Pressure
4/1/22 All Investigators CMAP Annual Meeting Agenda Discussion
3/25/22 Andy Krygier Investigating alkali halides at multi-Mbar pressure with the NIF and Omega EP
3/11/22 Danae Polsin Structure of iron-nickel alloys at Earth core conditions: First look at CMAP shot results
3/4/22 Michelle Marshall Exploration of super-Earth mantles: High-pressure phase transformations in SiO2
2/25/22 Wendy Panero CMAP Seminar Series: Earth as a Model for Rocky Exoplanets
2/18/22 Suxing Hu Probing Extreme Atomic Physics at Gbar Pressure
2/11/22 Adam Frank Outreach: Why, How and What
1/28/22 Jon Eggert Historical Development of Ramp Compression EOS Measurements Using High-Energy Lasers
1/21/22 Tom Duffy Materials of Rocky Exoplanet Interiors
1/14/22 Adam Burrows Exoplanet Remote Sensing in the JWST and WFIRST/Roman Era
1/7/22 Burkhard Militzer Hydrogen experiments to constrain Jupiter’s interior structure
12/17/21 Pierre Gourdain New avenues of research for planetary science using pulsed-power drivers
12/3/21 Sara Seager In-Reach
11/19/21 Felipe González Ramp compression from ab initio simulations
11/12/21 Sarah Stewart The Infinite Game: What’s next for synestias and the origin of the Moon?
11/5/21 Sakura Pascarelli CMAP Seminar Series: New scientific opportunities for studies of matter at extreme conditions at the European XFEL
10/29/21 Peter Celliers Towards Investigating High Pressure Quantum Transitions in Hydrogen
10/22/21 Stephanie Hansen CMAP Seminar Series: Consistent Atomic-Scale Models in Exotic Material Regimes
10/15/21 Alex Chin X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Iron and Iron Compounds at HED Conditions
9/24/21 Dayne Fratanduono Establishing Gold and Platinum Standards at Terapascal Pressures
9/17/21 Shuai Zhang Multi-megabar phase transitions from first principles
9/10/21 Eric Blackman Aspects of Bridging Micro and Macrophysics: A Magnetically Themed Discussion
9/3/21 Jon Eggert Historical development of dynamic x-ray diffraction using high-energy lasers
8/27/21 Sara Seager CMAP Board Meeting Discussion/Reflection
8/20/21 Danae Polsin Ramp-Compressed Sodium at 480 GPa: A Dense Electride
8/13/21 Eva Zurek Extreme Chemistry at High Pressures
8/6/21 All Investigators Planning for EAB meeting
7/30/21 Chris Pickard CMAP Seminar Series: Mapping the complex chemistry of dense matter
7/23/21 Andy Krygier Material science at the extremes: current X-ray diffraction campaigns at the National Ignition Facility
7/16/21 Hussein Aluie Disentangling nonlinear processes in multiscale flows
7/9/21 Ranga Dias High Tc Superconductivity
6/25/21 Rick Kraus Measuring the Melt Curve of Iron at Super Earth Core Conditions
6/18/21 Linda Hansen Exploring the phase diagram of oxides CO2 and MgO in the warm-dense-matter regime
6/11/21 Terry-Ann Suer Spilling the beans on Earth’s formation with diamond anvils
5/28/21 Adam Frank The Photo-evaporation of Exoplanets Atmospheres.
What we learn from 3-D Radiation MHD models.
5/21/21 Sara Seager Outreach and In-reach
5/14/21 Experiment Proposal Pis CMAP Experiment Proposals
5/7/21 Steve Rose CMAP Seminar Series: Line-coincidence radiative photopumping in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas
4/23/21 Jessica Shang Experiments in particle-based viscometry
4/16/21 JJ Ruby Combining Astrophysical and HED data sets through Bayesian Inference
4/9/21 Pierre Gourdain Summer program update and discussion
4/2/21 Sarah Stewart CMAP Wiki: Notion
3/25/21 Eric Mamajek CMAP Seminar Series: The NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program
3/19/21 Ryan Rygg Effect of plasma oscillations on the compressibility of hydrogen
3/12/21 Raymond Jeanloz H/He mixing
3/5/21 Miki Nakajima
Adam Frank
Outreach update
2/19/21 Miki Nakajima Consequences of giant impacts; mantle melting, the Moon-formation, and magnetic field generation
2/12/21 Eva Zurek

Peter Celliers

Chemistry Under Pressure Continuation (derivation to show how the bonding orbitals are affected under pressure)
Initial experimental results on laser-driven shock wave viscosity measurement
2/5/21 Eva Zurek Chemistry Under Pressure
1/29/21 Rip Collins, Facilitator Values and Ethics Discussion
1/15/21 Eric Blackman Discussion of Stellar Activity, Planetary Magnetic Fields, and Atmosphere Protection
1/8/21 Tom Duffy Rocky Planet Materials: Oxides and Silicates
12/18/20 Sara Seager Current planetary discoveries, questions, needs
12/11/20 Pierre Gourdain
Adam Frank
High School experience/education update
Outreach activities
12/4/20 Natalie Antal
Eva Zurek
Jon Eggert and Rick Kraus
CMAP Website Discussion
2021 Multi-Petawatt Physics Prioritization Workshop
CMAP relevant experiments underway at NIF
11/20/20 Suxing Hu
Eva Zurek
CMAP relevant theoretical efforts/discoveries underway
11/13/20 Burkhard Militzer
Suxing Hu
CMAP relevant theoretical efforts/discoveries underway
11/6/20 Ryan Rygg CMAP relevant experiments underway at OMEGA
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